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TROY S. Krueger 

Success comes from the consistent practice of simple fundamentals. In other words, the best of the best are consistent. All too often, we think success is complicated. But, really, it is made up of very simple practices that are executed with discipline.


Combining creative solutions and analytical skills within the entertainment industry.


Executive Leadership


Film Producing


Strategic Planning


Project Management


Brand Development


Marketing & Advertising

Generating New Ideas. Producing Quality Results.

Check out some of the branding videos produced for clients over the years.

Troy S. Krueger – Biography 

Troy S. Krueger has over 20 years experience in the entertainment business industry. With his industry experience focused on branding, operations, leadership, project management, strategy, investing, and marketing, Troy loves to collaborate with other professionals and businesses on creative projects.

Troy earned a Master of Science in Entertainment Business and a Master of Fine Arts in Film Production from Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL, in 2013 and 2018, respectively. His Bachelor of Science was in Business Administration from Herzing University, Madison, WI, in 2011.

In 2012, he founded Gumption Entertainment, which is a full-service production company that provides business development services, such as producing brand videos, marketing and project management, web design, business planning, and consulting. Currently, Troy has been freelancing with short term clients to produce videos or consult on their marketing or business strategies. He has built a vast network of resources when it comes to colleagues, crew, studios, contractors, investors, distributors, and vendors.

His strengths include networking, cultivating relationships, providing business intelligence, and communicating with clients, executives, and stakeholders. Problem solving, negotiating, and handling contracts are other complementary strengths that he has sharpened throughout his career. He knows the importance of time management, being a team player, and providing up-to-date reports on performance and industry trends, and has written several business plans and proposals for music tours, entertainment companies, investors, feature films, and venture capital firms. Besides writing business plans, he has developed the knowledge of how to implement digital marketing strategies and gather analytics and metrics.

Furthermore, in 2017, Troy produced a short romance-drama film called Mann & Quinn. Supervising a successful crowdfunding campaign and a crew of 70 people, he brought the film in on time and under budget. The film started its festival run in January 2018, and him and his team are excited to see how it does. For more info, go to the website at

Another project Troy has been developing with his producing team is a medium 8-figure budget feature film. It is a biopic based upon the lives of the Rat Pack crew (Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr., Joey Bishop, and Peter Lawford), how they came together, the struggles and successes they went through in tinsel town, and ultimately still stayed friends.

Other favorite interests and hobbies of his include real estate investing, reading, DJing, traveling, health and fitness, martial arts, playing golf, and drinking coffee.

Years of Experience


Honors & Awards



Photo challenges test your creativity, attention to detail, and storytelling skills.

One Photo Story

This challenge was to tell a story using one still frame. Being able to capture a story in one frame is not always an easy task, especially getting the proper lighting and composition.

Photo Recreation

This challenge was to choose another artist’s photo off the Internet and try to recreate it as close as possbile without using any photo editing. Everything had to be done with proper lighting, placement, and framing.


Software, business plans, & presentation decks.


From web design to brand development, storytelling is a vital component, not only in marketing, but life as well. It’s been around since the stone age and has been used throughout history for the human race to communicate and evolve. 



Mann & Quinn (2017) – Producer

Wendigo (2012) – Actor

Ecstasy (2017) – Producer

Outbreak (2016) – Producer

Gas Monkey Giveaway (2013) – Producer


“Troy is a true entrepreneur at heart and a great dad. He is always looking for ways to improve his knowledge and skills. Troy is the type of person that you want on your team or to lead your team.”

Hugh Zaretsky

Entrepreneur & Real Estate Investor, Royal Empire Ventures, Inc.

“Troy is an exemplary leader within business development and operations. He always takes initiative, whether it is to get an existing project done or begin something brand new. Troy’s background in marketing makes him a great networker who finds and collaborates with star teams to accomplish multiple, large goals. Troy’s ability to seamlessly multitask through the operational demands within business is truly impressive, and a rare ability that will bring any organization great success.”

Audrey Lynne

Technical Support, The Recording Academy / GRAMMY Awards

“Troy is an incredibly gifted man with excellent communication, technical, time management, and organizational skills. He is a natural leader with a high degree of integrity and professionalism. He is also innovative and creative, with a drive and determination to conquer any goal or challenge.”

Kim Craft

Attorney & Educator, Interlinear Dynamics, LLC

“Troy’s eagerness to learn keeps him on a quest for knowledge which he applies in his solid service to his clients and customers. I admire Troy and enjoy having him as a colleague. His days are packed between work and family, but he always has time to share his time and talent.”

Tina Swain

Real Estate Agent, The Preferred Realty Group

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